Do ANY Veterans Deserve ALL of their Medals ?

Eric Haubert           September 5, 2004         (August 26)         page 1

John Kerry's friends say that he served honorably in Vietnam.
John Kerry's enemies say otherwise. Whom are we to believe ?

It all comes down to certain basic questions.   Do you believe that John Kerry's
accusers are "honorable" men ?   Or perhaps they were the ones committing
the "atrocities,"  and they hate him because he exposed them for what they are.

Suppose that John Kerry was in the Nazi SS.   No, that's too extreme.   
Suppose he was in the German Army, -- in World War I.     Or perhaps he was
in the Confederate Army, which fought to maintain slavery.

Now, suppose that his friends and crew-members in one of these
organizations supported him, but the majority were opposed.   Would you
believe his accusers, or would you suspect THEM of being the ones who are
dishonorable ?

Were Nixon and Johnson "honorable" men ?   Is George W. Bush an
"honorable" man ?   Can an honest man get elected to public office ?

Was the war in Vietnam a "noble cause" ?    Was that war "necessary" for our
national security ?    Was Walter Cronkite a "communist sympathizer" ?    Was
there "light at the end of the tunnel" ?

Any question of whether Kerry lied begs the question of whether Nixon lied.   
Any question of whether Kerry deserved his medals begs the question of
whether OTHER veterans deserved THEIR medals.

No veteran is perfect, and maybe this election should be about the fact that
war is inherently  a dishonorable business.

Eric Haubert
Massillon, Ohio                                                    copyright (c)   Eric Haubert
2004 List 8