BORN: March 14, 1879

Ulm, Württemberg,

DIED: April 18, 1955

Princeton, New Jersey
United States

Age: 76 years old

EINSTEIN attended college in Zurich, Switzerland, where
he graduated in 1900 with a bachelor's degree.  He had
some trouble finding suitable work, and eventually found
a job in the patent office, examining patent applications.

About a year after he left college, he began again to
study certain problems in physics. He did this in his spare
time, as he could not get university support or approval.

In 1905, Einstein was able to get some articles published
in a professional physics magazine.

These articles were taken seriously by some, and he
began to develop a reputation for his originality on the
subject. This led to an acceptance by the university
system, and he was finally welcomed as a lecturer by the
University of Bern in 1908.

(At least one source claims that he was granted a
doctorate by the University of Zurich (ETH) in 1905. It is
not clear whether this was before or after the articles were
published. It is also not clear how he was granted a
degree in Zurich, while he was living in Bern).

Einstein was finally hired as a professor of physics in
1909, by the University of Zurich.
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