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Privatizing Social Security
would put retirement funds at risk

Sunday, December 26, 2004

I find it hard to believe that the Republicans, who have lost so
much money in the stock market these last few years, would
still be talking about “privatizing” Social Security.  Surely, they
must see the folly of such a scheme.

This “privatization” reminds me of the old game show, “Let’s
Make a Deal,” where Monty Hall would ask contestants to
choose between 3 doors. “Do you want what’s behind Door
Number One, Door Number Two, or Door Number Three?”

One of the doors hides a new car. One of the doors hides a
new washing machine. And one of the doors hides a donkey or
a goat.

This kind of “choice” might be acceptable for a game show, but
not when it comes to planning your financial security.

We might say that anyone who supports Bush’s privatization
scheme DESERVES to lose their money.  Their suffering would
be laughable, if it were not so tragic.

I hear that the transition cost will be “only” 2 Trillion Dollars.  
Most government programs cost more than they predict, and
George W. Bush is notorious for his bad judgment in these

Just look at Bush’s record in the Iraq war, and you can see his
sales technique.  OVERSTATE the urgency of the problem.  
UNDERSTATE the cost, and IGNORE the potential risk.     

Surely, even some Conservatives will find a flaw in the Bush
plan, and hit the brakes on this steamroller, before it is too late.
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