WEBSITE !          1
I began working on this web site when I downloaded the free
Yahoo! SiteBuilder program. This was in late August (2004).   
I will be paying about 12 dollars per month for the web-hosting
service; ($11.95 --  to be exact).

Of course, I have great expectations for what I might be able to
accomplish, but any visitor to my site will have to be patient.  It
is "a work in progress."  I will be making "paths that lead
half-way into the void" (as a song lyric once said). I will have
entries that don't link to anything, and links that might take you
to a page with nothing on it.

One thing that bothers me with other people's web sites is that
there are not enough links, or they are too hard to find.  I will try
to err in the opposite direction. I shouldn't be bothered if people
complain about "too many" links.

Regarding the text size:  You can go to "VIEW" > "TEXT SIZE,"  
from the top toolbar. There are five choices, from largest to
smallest.  I keep my browser on the "Largest" setting.   Another
one of my complaints is that the text size is often too small, so I
will try to err on the size of making it bigger than some people
might like.

Unfortunately, this adjustment doesn't work in many cases.  Try
changing back and forth from largest to smallest, and see what
happens (on ANY web page).  Sometimes nothing at all
changes, and sometimes only a few lines change size.

Another problem is that books on web design tell us that you
can't control how somebody will see your pages in their
browser.  Depending on their settings, and depending on any
number of factors, your well laid out page might be seen with
parts of it scrambled all over the place.

The Yahoo! SiteBuilder gives us a feature called "preview in
browser," so we can see how it will look.   Generally, it looks
right, (except that somehow one of my type sizes -- 36 point --  
doesn't translate correctly).

In any case, ALL of my links work, when I go to "preview in
browser."   The VIEW > TEXT SIZE feature doesn't work, but
maybe then you'll get to see it as I wrote it !

The only thing I can see that changes is the word "options" on
the Yahoo! search boxes in the lower right-hand corner of the

There is another size adjustment that the reader might not be
aware of.  This involves the text size on items which are called
the "Display." There are several ways to reach the control for

Click on "start," and go to "Control Panel." Then choose
"Appearance and Themes." Now you have two choices. You
can pick either "Display," or "Change the Screen Resolution." A
box pops up which says "Display Properties."  Click on the tab
that says "Appearance." At the bottom it will say "font size."
Click on the down arrow, and it will give you 3 choices.  I have
chosen the "Extra Large Fonts." (Then click "OK").

Another way to reach this same dialog box is to go from "start"
to the name at the top of the short programs menu. Click on
the picture or icon next to the name. This brings you to a box
called "User Accounts." Then, under "Related Tasks," choose
"Change the computer theme." Now you have reached the
"Display Properties" box, and you should proceed as described

There is one more trick, which I hesitate to mention. On the
"Control Panel" there is a handicapped symbol, with the words  
"Accessibility Options."  Don't go there !  I got into a little
trouble, and I had to do something called a "System Restore."  
As Barney Fife would say:   It's as if somebody went to the old
folks home, and waxed the steps !  I hope to get this problem
figured out someday, but for now I will just leave well enough

But don't worry, otherwise. I had no catastrophic problems with
anything else I did on the computer.

----Well, I am running out of room on this page.

Actually, I can make the pages as long as I want, but go to
page two, anyhow.
You'll notice that, on this web site, I claim "copyright" on things I write. This is not meant to scare anyone.  
Feel free to copy and distribute anything you want, just as long you
I want to get the proper credit for whatever I write, and I want everyone else to get credit for what THEY write.
COPYRIGHT  is a very complicated legal issue, for which I would need legal representation beyond
what I can afford at the moment, in order to fully understand it or fully explain it.  In any case, a copyright
notice such as this is just a standard "boiler plate" thing you are supposed to attach to whatever you write. It
is not meant to stop ordinary people from using my work in ordinary ways, but just in case somebody thinks
they can make a million dollars off of something I wrote, without cutting ME in for "A Piece of the Action."

Everything on this web site is
COPYRIGHT         (c)               ERIC HAUBERT
                                           (MASSILLON, OHIO)
unless it belongs to somebody else.   
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