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December 19, 2005
Before today, my last previous entry was when I wrote
"Welcome page 8," back in July.

I was not really interested in writing anything new at that time.

However, there was a problem, which kept me from writing on
my website for almost six months.

The old sitebuilder program was being discontinued, and could
not be updated. When I tried to update it in July, just after
writing "Welcome page 8," it told me that I had to install a
completely NEW sitebuilder program.

I agreed to the installation.

My old sitebuilder program was uninstalled, but the new
program could NOT be installed.

There was a problem with JAVA.

I was able to reinstall the original sitebuilder program. This
program did not include any of the updates that I got
afterwards. It was just the basic sitebuilder program that I
downloaded in September 2004.

This old program was supposed to cease functioning after the
new year.

Also, my pages were not totally correct. Some of the items were
out of place.

I struggled with Java for a long time. I got the latest update of
Java installed, but the installation could not be "verified."

You go to java.com, and click on the words "verify installation,"
on the left side of the page. This takes you to another page,
where you must again click on the words "verify installation."

This did not work properly, until today.

The "complete" verification process might still not be working as
well as it might, but it is working WELL ENOUGH now.

It goes to one page, then another, then a third page,
AUTOMATICALLY.  On the 3rd page, it tells me that the
installation IS "verified."

So I finally felt like it might work to get the new sitebuilder.
Obviously, it DID work.

I don't know if any items on my pages will be moved out of
place. All I can do is hope for the best.

When I go to verify Java, now that they have it fixed, it goes like
this: First it goes to "test 1." Apparently this fails, but it
automatically changes pages and goes to "test 2." This also
apparently fails, but it automatically changes pages and goes
to the one that finally works.

This is the page where it says "Testing Java Virtual Machine."  
It then tells me that Java IS installed correctly on my computer.

On the JVM page, I can see the dancing cartoon image. This is
called "Duke." Read all about it on this Java page:


This "Duke" character looks to me like the old Star Trek uniform
shirt logo.

There is another problem with Java IF IT WORKS. That is that it
takes a long time to load. On my computer, it takes about half a
minute to load a page with Java. First the "Java Console" has
to pop up, and then you know it's working.

I don't want my own pages to load that slow. I know that the
time counter at the bottom is a Java application. I will have to
start removing the time counters, and hope that my pages will
open faster.

Well, I went ahead and sent this page in. (That was an earlier
version of this page, before I wrote what I'm writing now).

I forgot that I wanted to "import" my website from the Yahoo
servers into the sitebuilder.

After I got the new sitebuilder, I checked a few pages and it
looked okay. But when I tried to send in a few changed pages,
it re-published the ENTIRE SITE.

Now I will have to go through it, page by page, and look for
things that are out of place. I SHOULD look at my own web
pages once in a while ANYHOW. This will give me an
opportunity to correct mistakes, and update things that no
longer apply.

Some of the links don't work, and need to be changed (for

I would like to get on with writing new stuff, but I also want the
old stuff to be correct.
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